FunkyKhalou Vintage Sunglasses Rare Vintage Collection 80's & 90's Old Style Fashion From the 20th Century !

Welcome to my Funky Site !

I am Khaled A.K.A Funkykhalou from Paris
Vintage Frames Collector for more than 20 years now .

It all start when i was Teenager: i bought my first Cartier Sunglasses in 1997
and that was one of the Best Day of my Life.
Ever since, i've been in Love with Luxury Frames.

My obsession was to know Everything a Man can kwow about Eyewear and become Specialist of my Favorite Luxury Brands .

I became an Optician out of Passion :
Cause The Man who works for Passion
is Always Richer than the Man who works for Money.
My Goal has never been to become the Number One Collector or Resseler ,
I just Want to give to my Customers and Friends the same Senses of Excitement i had when i got my First Piece .
My love for Vintage Frames motivate me to provide the Best Quality of Service and Models in the Best condition Possible :
- New old Stock or Near new -
As if you opened the Doors of all these Prestigious Official Shops at the Time of the 20th Century !

Nostalgic for this Golden Age of Eyewear and my Fascination for the Nobility of Materials chosen combined to the Excellence of these Designs
Are my Driving Force to find the Rarest Pieces .
Initialy for Myself and Now for You !

Enjoy and Feel Free to Ask any Questions !
Of Course My Second Passion for Funky Music
will accompany you during your visit.
Thank you All !!


My Collector Friends and Happy Customers :

Flo a.k.a Brashnikovia

“Un Passioné avant tout,

à la Hauteur des Merveilles proposées.

Merci Papy”


Yan a.k.a Le Transporteur

“Un grand Merci à toi Khalou pour ton professionnalisme!

Incomparable !

Tu m’as gagné comme Client à Vie”


Pierre a.k.a MasterPierro

“Force à toi Khalou!

Merci Pour ta Gentillesse

et tes Precieux Conseils depuis des Années


Leto a.k.a Letopsothug

“Depuis l’Départ , Quand j’avais Rien à Maintenant !

C’est Fort ! Merci Beaucoup !

Funky C’est la Puissance”